Escort services are mainly offered by escort agencies although there exist independent escorts. These are companies that provide clients with companions for a fee. Not to be confused with prostitution, escorts or call girls offer a variety of services and not only sex. They differ slightly but sharply with prostitutes. The agency organizes for a meeting between the client and the escort at the client’s house or hotel. This is called outcall service. When the agency arranges for a meet up at the escort’s place, it is referred to as incall service.

Depending on the preferences of the client, the agency may provide an escort for an extended period of time or even for travel accompaniment. The main work of the agency is therefore booking and dispatching the available escorts. The company then obtains a fee for that. However, there is no restriction as to what a customer can negotiate if they need extra services not provided by the agency. Where laws forbid, these agencies claim to offer only social services and not sexual services. This is evident in the manner in which they run their campaigns, advertisements and recruitment. They skillfully play around the country’s laws so as to avoid any legal implications to their activities.

The most common escort services advertised and offered by these agencies include;

Erotic body massages – After having a long working day, intense exercises or any other tiring encounter, one can book an escort to have an amazing encounter and help relax their muscles. These curvy escorts offer customers excellent rub across their bodies and help chase away anxiety. Most are so skilled to proficiently offer clients an amazing back rub that will leave them relaxed and filled with joy.

Loyal company – Sometimes customer may feel lonely and lack someone to hold their hand and take them around. When the esteem is down and they lack motivation, escorts are best suited to offer them a genuine company entrenched with a formidable discussion. This will leave the client feeling worthy and cared for. Escorts will also be available to accompany clients if they want to travel in style. This is because once a client is booked and willing to take out some extra fee, they can’t control  the escort.

Faithful intimacy – Clients who feel horny and deserving a well-marched closeness often look for escorts. Most escorts are professionals in handling their clients’ feelings and emotions so they can feel comforted. If a client is dealing with a breakup and post-split loneliness, escorts are better matched to grab them out of this awful situation and make them feel whole again.

However, there are private escorts, also known as independent escorts. These, unlike those discussed above, are not attached to any escort company or agency. They operate independently. They set their own terms of engagements with the clients. The responsibility of finding clients are solely theirs. This makes them a little bit flexible than those working with agencies. Private escorts may not have fixed fees for the services they offer. They are therefore relatively cheap compared to escorts under agencies. Independent escorts mainly operate in discrete apartments. These are distinct and separate locations where their clients can feel safe and private to visit. Others also offer outcall services.