There are things you sit and imagine that they happen only in cinema but right there in the city of Newcastle, Newcastle escorts are bringing such scenario to life and if you are lucky to experience them, you will certainly be amazed. I had a personal experience with a Newcastle male escort which I will share with you. It is my sincere desire that all male escort users will have a glimpse of what I enjoyed, even if it is once in their lifetime.

From my record, this should be my second year of using male escort services. I live in Manchester and because of environmental limitations – and maybe a little bit of naivety – I stuck with Manchester escorts and there was a time I could stand and argue it out with anyone that they were the best male escorts you can ever have – armchair scholars are always guilty of this offence. Little wonder people are always encouraged to travel because it helps you to learn new things, first hand, in such a way that cannot be effectively thought in the classrooms or through literature.

When I arrived in Manchester, the first thing I noticed was the fine weather. Manchester is really blessed to have such a pristine weather. The next thing that caught my attention was the Manchester escorts. After using male escort services extensively for two years, I have developed an uncanny sense for spotting male escorts from their dressing and the way they carry themselves with up to eighty percent certainty. So, the moment I saw those Newcastle escorts walking up and down the streets, I was sure I wanted a piece of them. All I needed was to settle my most pressing need at the moment which was settling down.

That same day I arrived the city, I got a good apartment in one of the quiet neighborhood and packed in. Inasmuch as I love night life and some little bit of rowdiness, I still cherish quiet environment a lot because they provide me a hiding place to recharge when I become exhausted with stress or fun. So, choosing the quiet neighborhood was neither an accident nor a mistake. It was premeditated. I unpacked the few belongings I came to the city with, took a warm shower and took some snacks. I was too exhausted to cook anything or rather, I was not in the mood to cook anything.

Out into the city I went, partly because I was still enthusiastic and charmed by some of the structures and the way the night was glowing with lights of different colors. The entire environment was electric and I needed to experience more of it to help me have good night dreams. The other reason was because I wanted to try my luck, or you could say my uncanny sense of spotting male escorts to see if I would be right or wrong with Newcastle escorts.

Down into the city I went. Just a few steps and I was in the busy area. How fast the place transformed from quiet to noisy. I spotted a neatly shaven guy with a winter suit on and walked towards him. My heart raced beneath my chest. I did not want to be wrong. When I got close to him, I greeted him,

“Good evening”

His reply was warm and well laced with a perfectly arched lips in a smile.

“Good evening, I don’t remember seeing this pretty face before, ” he said.

I laughed, “I just came I this evening”.

“Really?” he gasped.

“uh hm…” I nodded. “Where can I find Newcastle escorts?” I was straight to the point.

“You just got one of the finest, madam”.

I began to laugh. He must have thought I was laughing to his sense of humor but no, I was laughing to my victory. My uncanny sense did not betray me and that was what made me amused. We began to talk and he and he not only proposed to be my male escort if I wanted one but also my tour guide. We had a nice time that night. As we moved from one place to another I could spot Newcastle escorts doing their job. When I retired to my bed, I was already anticipating daybreak.