<p>I used to be a regular visitor to Newcastle  and the areas around the city. I loved to go to Newcastle where I worked a few  days a year. I would travel up from down South catching one of the rail  services from Kings Cross. I say one of the rail services, there was not a  choice, but the franchise has changed several times in the time I worked in  Newcastle.<br>

Sometimes I would drive up North to Newcastle, but the long monotonous roads became tedious. The two-lane motorways where trucks would take several minutes to pass one another grew more and more frustrating on my drive to Newcastle. I grew more and more frustrated on these drives. The only bonus which kept me going was the prospect of a night with a Newcastle escort.

Yes, before I left to go to Newcastle, I had planned and booked a Newcastle escort for the night. It might be all night, or just for an hour of pleasure as I was going to bed. These trips to Newcastle were always a highlight of my working.

Why book a Newcastle Escort?

Whether the Newcastle escort was an independent escort or an agency worker did not matter. There were always good companions to be met from an agency or from a self employed source. I have used the services of both types of escorts and used the services of several Newcastle escort agencies.

But, why from Newcastle I hear you cry. Well because the Newcastle lasses are very friendly and seemingly very sincere in their friendliness and demeanour. I also found them to be funny, chatty, friendly and would go that extra bit to give you a memorable time. It didn’t matter whether they were independent, or agency, they all seemed to be more dedicated to pleasing me that extra bit.

I have always generally found North Eastern escorts are canny escorts, especially the Newcastle lasses. I have seen all types of Newcastle companions, from young women to MILFs. There are the slim women and the larger women. Girl Friend material to the domineering mistresses who on demand caused me excruciating, but welcome pain, all from the use of a hair grip.

Where to meet a Newcastle Escort

I have used various locations to meet a Newcastle escort. In my early days I would book an incall appointment though an agency. I would be given a time and instructions on where to go. Normally I would arrive at some cheap chain hotel group where the manager had an arrangement with the agency. I’m sure there were several women from the same agency working in the same corridor of the same hotel on the many times I visited.

Other times I would visit the personal flat of an escort who was entertaining from her home, or her work flat. These were generally upmarket apartments on the river looking over to Gateshead. Latterly I invited Newcastle escorts to come and stay in my hotel room for an hour or so, or maybe the whole night. These liaisons for me were often the best. I was able to rest and relax with a glass of wine and chat with my companion of the night before getting down to business.Oh happy memories.