The North East of England is an excellent value punting region with hundreds of British escorts working in the area.  The area of Newcastle, Sunderland and Gateshead is a fabulous vibrant region of England. Newcastle is most definitely a party town. I have travelled down from Edinburgh on the intercity train and been entertained by the young passengers travelling to Newcastle for stag and hen nights. Yes, for those living up North, Newcastle is a magnetic town for parties and sex.
I have visited Newcastle and Gateshead on many occasions for work, and have found superlative North-East escorts working in the area. I have stayed at several different hotels in the region and have booked both independent North-East escorts and agency escorts from reputable escort agencies. They have always arrived on time, and either discretely knocked at my door, or we have met in the hotel bar before retiring to bed for some sexy fun.

Booking a North East Escort during a Conference

One interesting escort booking I had was during the evening of a work conference. I booked an independent North East escort who I had already seen, for when I felt I could escape from the evening entertainment. I wanted a more interesting and sexy evening, rather than drinking to excess and getting rat arsed.  The booking also suited me as there was some risk to it. The risk of being caught added that little extra spice.
I sat with my colleagues as we drank and ate our way through wine and food. I abstained from the wine, drinking and carnal activity don’t go well together in my mind. The time of my evening liaison was getting nearer, and the meal was not yet over, there was the awards ceremony. This seemed to go on and on for ever. A quick text to my escort for the night warning her I may be a little late, suggesting she had a drink at the bar and I would pick up the tab.
The ceremony came to an end, and now there were team games. I slipped out on the pretext of getting another drink from the free bar and made a dash to the lounge where my entertainment for the night was waiting for me. I paid her drinks bill and we headed up to my room. Luckily everyone else from the company were ensconced in the games and were no was to be seen.

Saying goodbye to the North East Escort in the morning

Morning came, and after some morning sex it was goodbye to the Newcastle escort. I dressed and left her to leave on her own and made my way downstairs. I was a bit late and managed to grab some conference breakfast and entered the conference room where the first presentation was in full swing. Some rude comments from the CEO as to why I was late.  Not a problem to me as I was going to be leaving the company shortly.

A more normal North East Escort booking

I often visited an office in the North East for work meetings. Often one of the first things I would do would be to book an escort for the evening.  Arranging with her the time she should arrive and the services I was interested in. Sometimes this would be an independent escort from the Newcastle area, other times it would be from an escort agency. Part of the fun of booking an escort is the choose from the hundreds of different escorts available. I very rarely had a terrible experience from the many North East escorts I saw.